Residential Gate Operators

Field tested gate operators for home use with built-in battery back-up.

239 400-GATE (4283)

239-400-GATE (4283)

    We are BUE, Inc., an employee owned  and operated company located in Naples, FL.  Our businesses include Gatekeepers, an installing, and servicing,  company.  Specializing in Gate systems, access control, CCTV, glass and aluminum railings and all types of fence, including concrete fence.

 Also we own and operate a class 1 and class 3 Federal Firearms Licensee believing in, and supporting, the Second Amendment.

  Plus have Gatekeepers Fabrication,  manufacturing all types of metal (mostly aluminum) products including gates, fence, arbors, doors and anything you want out of metal. We also do field welding in SW Florida.

   We also run Gateswork-PC Repair, for all your computer repair/rebuild needs.

We care, and it shows!

Residential slide or swing gate operator with built in battery back up and reliable service.  All field tested and made for easy installation.

Field Tested Residential

Gate Operators

Residential Swing Gate Operator

Our  GW PMK-C01DC  swing gate operator iis now in stock and in operation on local customers’ gates. Stainless Steel Screw Drive, single or dual motors, battery backup, includes receiver, two remotes, all mounting hardware, 110 VAC power, batteries, auto-open on power fail, full system capable, exterior cabinet to hold electronics and all accessories (as needed). Fast opening speed.  650# dual gate leaf weight and  up to 20’ overall opening.

Fast, Reliable and Low Cost

 For years we have searched for reliable, low cost gate operators for residential use.  The ones we tried, and we have tried them all, either were unreliable, did not have auto open on power fail, were difficult to install and/or were expensive.

 We designed our units from the ground up, with production both in China and in our own North Naples facility We are offering them directly to the homeowner at fantastic prices.

 Our operators are in stock and available today!

In Stock NOW!

Stainless Steel Screw Drive

Production in our North Naples facility

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Gate in


Not enough room?

Use our patented

Telescoping Slide Gates

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